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Bottled Water Use Policy

posted Jan 4, 2011, 7:27 AM by Wendy Payson

ServiceNet is committed to being an environmentally compliant “green” agency and saving money whenever possible.  We are also committed to health and wellness. ServiceNet has been spending almost $25,000 per year on bottled water for dispensers and maybe more for residential programs that purchase single use bottles. Its shipping contributes to transportation costs and energy use. 


Consistent with this goal, the purchase of bottled water for floor standing dispensers and individual use (single bottles) should be curtailed whenever and wherever possible.  Please consider alternatives such as water bottles that you fill up from a tap.  If the water has an off flavor or aroma, please consider using a filter or simply putting it in an open pitcher to alleviate the smell or taste.


Bottled water is not healthier than free tap water. Research documents that tap water in Massachusetts is healthy for all to drink. Bottled water dispensers can develop mold. Some bottles may impart impurities into the water.


Water dispensers will be allowed in client waiting rooms, programs where there is no drinking water available, if there is a medical order, and offices where there is no drinking water.  Residential programs should discontinue the purchase of all bottled water and return the dispensers to the vendor. 


The Fiscal Department will contact Program Directors where water dispensers are currently located to inventory need and prepare a list of delivery cancellations and dispenser returns.  If you have any questions please contact Seth at sdunn@servicenet.org or 585-1361. 


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  ServiceNet is committed to promoting health and wellness, being cost efficient, and being a good steward of the environment. We also do not wish to inconvenience staff or clients. 


Sue Stubbs                          Seth Dunn

President and CEO                 Director of Quality Assurance