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Submitting your timesheet as an hourly employee

Submitting your timesheet as a salaried employee

Requesting vacation, personal, or sick leave time in Datis

Manuals - (These are general guides to using the Datis product and not specific to ServiceNet.  Some screens may differ from what you will encounter)

Employee Manual

Manager Manual

Important dates:

June 8: You will be able to sign into the Datis website with your ServiceNet password! The sign in link will be posted on the Servicenet homepage (Home.servicenet.org). This will give you a chance to see the system before the new timesheet system goes live.

June 16: You will begin recording your time in the Datis timesheet (or punch in/out device) on this day. Watch for video trainings designed just for you on home.servicenet.org.

 Important note: If you are a fee-for-service clinician, outreach staff in MHRS, or a per diem professional in our Reach program, your process may vary from what is described below. Please contact your manager or the Datis implementation Team (via jappleby@servicenet.org) if you fall into one of these groups and have not yet been shown how to enter your time.

 Hourly Staff

Hourly Staff will use the Datis devices mounted at the program to enter worked time on their electronic timesheet. The employee will swipe their badge to punch in at the beginning of their shift and  out at the end. Vacation and leave time is requested through the time off request process in the Datis website and is added to the timesheet automatically. On call (if applicable) and mileage are entered in the electronic timesheet before it is submitted. The employee submits the timesheet for manager approval each week.

 Salaried Staff

Salaried staff enter their time on an electronic timesheet. Vacation and leave time is requested through the time off request process in Datis and is added to the timesheet automatically. The employee submits the timesheet for manager approval each week. Salaried staff can use the punch/in out device to record their time, but the system will pay them their regular salary regardless of what time is entered on their sheet.

 Important notes for everyone:

·        Manager trainings have been taking place throughout the agency. If you are a manager and you have not yet attended an in-person training, please contact Noreen Hayes at Nhayes@Servicenet.org to join an upcoming training.

·        The new timesheet will be weekly, so there will be less to record (and approve) each week.

·        Video and print trainings on the punch clocks and electronics will be posted on Home.Servicenet.org before the new timesheets go live on June 16th.

·        All employees will sign into Datis to view their own information (including benefit accruals and time off requests) and will sign off on their timesheet each week.

·        If you do not yet have a Servicenet badge with a number printed on the back, please reach out to Evan in HR and a new badge will be sent to you.

Jessica Appleby
Director of Enterprise Applications
131 King Street
Northampton, MA  01060