Datis Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see contact information (business phone and email) for employees in Datis?

Yes! All users can see public business contact information across the agency. 

First, search for a person's name:

Click 'Replace with Contacts' on the right side:

You will now see the employee's public business phone numbers and email address.

Can Salaried employees use the punch in/out devices?

Salaried staff can, if they wish, use the punch in/out devices. It will record their time for the day but as salaried staff, their salary is paid at a regular amount each payroll regardless of hours worked.

How do salaried people enter Relief Bonus?

Some salaried staff are able to "cash out" vacation time using Relief Bonus. This process varies slightly for salaried staff versus hourly staff.

Salaried staff should enter vacation time on their timesheet (or have it automatically entered via a leave request). Then, for the same time they should click the 'more' button and then 'Add Time'. When you do that, you can add your relief bonus time by entering the number of hours and going to the labor distribution tab to change the job code to 'RBDIRCARE' for Relief Bonus Direct Care.

Can salaried staff enter vacation or personal time on their timesheet without using the Leave Request button?

Yes, salaried staff can manually enter vacation, personal, or sick time right onto their timesheet. If you click 'Add time' (you may have to click 'More' first if you are on the calendar view), you can enter the time of leave time you wish to use.

I have a long vacation coming up. How do I put in a leave request for that?

Vacation requests for long continuous stretches (e.g. - a person is going on a 3 week cruise) can go in as one request with one start and one end date. Any days you wouldn't be scheduled (like weekends for most office staff) should be left blank on the screen where you pick if it's vacation, PTO, etc. Weekends show up in a gray box so you know it's a weekend, but staff who work on the weekends can put benefit time usage in there - it's just a visual thing to let you know it's a weekend day.


Are paychecks still biweekly?

Paychecks are still biweekly but timesheets will be submitted and approved weekly.


How do I get a Servicenet Badge?

Relief Badges are being sent to the residential houses. Regular counselors can pick it up from their program.

If you do not yet have a badge, contact Evan in HR at ewhitetolbert@servicenet.org


What do I do if my badge becomes broken or lost?

Contact Evan in HR at ewhitetolbert@servicenet.org

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