Datis For Managers

(Note that some processes may vary slightly for our Datis setup. If you have any questions, contact the HR Department). 

Q: How do I request a new position in my program, or request to fill an open position?
A: Only managers of the corporate level of 'Manager' or above can request to make personnel changes. 
This includes the following corporate levels:
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Admin Director
  • Vice President
  • Senior VP
  • CEO
(If you are not sure of your corporate level, you can see that information under your name in the Datis chart.)
Update!!! 1/7/2019 - The process to transfer an employee in Datis e3 has changed from the 'Employee Reassignment' workflow to the 'Transfer Employee' workflow. 

Timesheet Approval Instructions

Q: How Can Employees Make Edits To Their Timesheet After It Has Been Approved?
A:Unapprove and/or Unsubmit a timesheet to release to an employee. Click this link for detailed instructions

Q: How do I correct a record on a timesheet?
A; Navigate to My Team > Individual Views Menu > Choose Timesheets > Choose picture of employee needing to be changed (some managers may need to 'act as' a manger below them at this point) > a list of timesheet weeks comes up, choose correct dates > select calendar view > make needed changes. There is no save button but you can go out and back in to double check that the record has been changed.

Other Instructions: 

Q: My employee has negative vacation, personal, or sick time. (This may be because an employee transferred from a regular position to a relief position). Why can't I submit their timesheet?
A: An employee can submit their own timesheet with a negative balance. When they submit, they will have to acknowledge that they have a negative balance. A manager can then approve this timesheet. A manager is not able to submit a negative balance timesheet for an employee - because the manager would not be able to acknowledge the balance as the employee. 

Here is an example of the acknowledgement that the employee must verify:

Q: I have two positions (or two programs). How do I view staff in my other program?
A: You have to ‘act as’ yourself in your other position. They’ll see your name (again) in the dropdown and you have to select the “other” you.

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