FFS, Per Diem, and Outreach Staff

Some Servicenet staff will record their time and attendance in Datis differently than standard hourly or salaried staff. If you have any questions about whether you or your staff fall into these groups, please contact the Payroll Department at (413) 387-1111.


  1. Fee for service staff in outpatient clinics. Servicenet FFS clinicians will continue to be paid based on services rendered in eHana. To record sick time (Mass Sick), staff will use the 'leave request' feature in Datis (video how-to). FFS staff will not have to submit an electronic timesheet.
  2. Per Diem Staff in the Reach Program. Per Diem reach staff will open up their electronic timesheet and click the button for 'Add Amount.' This will display a list of services that match the paper forms staff were submitting prior to Datis. Per Diem staff will submit their timesheet weekly.  View specialized instructions for entering services on the timesheet for Per Diem Staff in Reach.
  3. Hourly Outreach Staff in MHRS, Sheltering, Autism, and Reach programs. Hourly outreach staff in these program will be filling out an electronic timesheet similar to salaried staff. This is because these employees do not start and end their day at a Servicenet location, and are therefore unable to use the Punch In and Out device to record their time. (Video instructions on how to enter time on an electronic timesheet).


Important note: Hourly Outreach staff in the DBIS division will be starting their day at a Servicenet location and punching in and out. For more information for DBIS outreach staff in Datis, contact Tara Boucher at tboucher@servicenet.org

Jun 15, 2018, 9:01 AM