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Milestone Awards

Milestone Award Recipients

Thirty-Five Year Stars
Fran Lemay

Program Manager, Greenfield Family Inn, 35 Years

 You need a sense of humor to get through the day, and Fran has it. He is respected by his teammates. Fran is the historian of shelters and the unofficial Mayor of Greenfield. He gets involved in his community at many levels and is true ambassador of ServiceNet. Families are complicated, and Fran has consistently restructured the Greenfield Family Inn to meet those needs. He is well known throughout the state system, and sees change before it happens so we are prepared to meet the challenges.  It takes a special person to get up every day for 35 years to work with families in crisis. Bravo!

Arlene Spooner

Physical Therapist, REACH, 35 Years

 Arlene has been a Physical Therapist with REACH almost since its beginning.  For thirty-five years, Arlene has demonstrated strong diagnostic skills in the area of motor development for infants and toddlers.  Arlene has a magical way of connecting with these babies, and helping them grow and stretch into confident walkers, runners, and climbers!  She exudes a confidence that translates itself to parents. Parents are so grateful to Arlene when she helps a child move more easily, or more naturally, especially when the child has difficulties that began at birth.  Arlene has continued her study and understanding of neuromuscular development in early childhood, and has connected this to her practice, impacting cognitive and speech development along with motor related concerns.  She truly connects with the whole child. With her wealth of experience, she also shares her expertise as a master clinician through workshops and seminars throughout the community.

Beverly Timberlake

Team Coordinator, MHRS, 35 Years

 Beverly's experience, devotion, compassion and empathy for working with the individuals we serve is unparalleled. She’s understanding of almost every situation faced by participants and employees alike. She has patience and understanding that exceeds expectations and builds and maintains strong, trusting relationships with others that are incredibly impactful. She also brings a reliable and calming presence to the team and is skilled at navigating complex systems and harnessing resources. Beverly's work is guided by deep values; this work is truly her calling and we are all benefiting from it.

Thirty Year Stars

Tina Boisseau

Senior Billing Specialist, Admin, 30 Years

During her 30 years at ServiceNet, Tina has worn many hats.  In her early years, she was at the front desk of the medication clinic, working closely with clients and med providers.  She had a great rapport with the clients and they still remember her to this day. Now working in the Billing Department, she works mainly with the early intervention division and has mastered all the different rules and regulations as pertains to that specialized billing, ensuring that we are getting paid.  She’s dedicated to her work, takes a lot of pride in her job. And over 25 years of working together, we’ve been through every life event you could think of. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have done it without her. We’re the true definition of a team. 


Jim Frutkin

Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Admin, 30 Years

 Over the 30 years that Jim has been at ServiceNet, he has had many important roles, beginning with Program Director of one of our MH group homes, then moving into the role of developing and leading the Community Living Program, an innovative private-pay and insurance funded program that provided residential treatment to people with serious mental illnesses. Subsequently, for over 20 years, Jim headed the Clinical Services Division. Under Jim’s leadership, ServiceNet opened new clinics, and we became the first behavioral health organization in Massachusetts to implement an electronic medical record. He also created ServiceNet’s research department which has collaborated with several colleges and universities on major research projects.

 It’s not an accident that these accomplishments happened under Jim’s leadership. Jim embodies a unique combination of vision, drive, and common sense: vision to keep an eye on what’s happening at the cutting edge of our field, and to see beyond; drive to persevere and overcome the inevitable roadblocks that come up in any project; and common sense to solve problems. Jim possesses a rare talent for distilling complicated problems into simple ones, and designing simple solutions. ServiceNet has been lucky to have had Jim on our senior management team through so much of our history. 

 Jay Sacchetti

Senior Vice President of Addiction, Shelter/Housing, and Vocational Services, 30 Years

Thirty years ago, Jay was hired by an organization called Meridian. He was a shining star who quickly moved up the ladder, and when the Director of that agency left, Jay became the Executive Director. Meridian merged with ServiceNet in 2009. What we immediately learned about Jay was that in addition to having a high level of knowledge and skill in the areas of vocational, Mental Health, and Developmental Disabilities, he was also passionate about the work, and committed to the many clients he’d worked with over the years. We also learned that Jay was a can-do person with a high degree of intellectual curiosity, and an openness to learning new things.

 He willingly stepped up and filled a need that the newly merged agency had for a leader to oversee shelter and housing services, and recovery homes. He also continued to oversee the vocational services that he had helped to develop under Meridian, and some of the Meridian services in Pittsfield, as well. Today, Jay still manages these multiple areas of ServiceNet with ease and skill. When crises arise, he quickly moves into problem solving mode and works out solutions, while calming others. The staff who work under him regard him with respect and admiration; and all of us value Jay’s steady leadership, his tireless energy, his sound financial management, and his deep compassion for the people we serve.

Twenty-Five Year Stars


Michal Jacob-Goldstein

Social Worker, REACH, 25 Years

 Michal is a Social Worker for REACH Early Intervention and she also sees clients through the Outpatient Clinic.  For 25 years, Michal has been a backbone of the REACH Hampshire County Team, offering clinical expertise on both child behavioral issues and family dynamics.  Michal’s unassuming style goes far in connecting with parents on addressing social and emotional issues of the children REACH sees.  She is also able to diagnose and address psychological and social-emotional issues within the family that may impact their child’s development.   She always focuses on the best interest of the family, and supporting them when they have a special needs child.  Michal also has provided good clinical support to the REACH clinical staff, helping them with the vicarious trauma they can experience working with difficult family situations.  In many ways, Michal has served as an unofficial Clinical Supervisor to the entire staff, and we are lucky to have her presence among us.


Renee Riley

Speech-Language Pathologist, REACH, 25 Years

Renee Riley has provided exceptional Speech-Language Pathology services to REACH’s infants and toddlers for 25 years.  She also works with elementary aged students, and especially loves coming on board almost full-time for REACH during the summer months to work with the little babies—traveling throughout the Hill towns to homes in Franklin County.  Families are always happy to see Renee show up at the door, with her bright smile and easy-going demeanor.  Her engaging style helps young children to want to learn how to say words, and how to communicate with their families. Renee has learned to work with a wide variety of children and families, and is especially skilled with more difficult cases and situations. 


Connie Sherman

House Manager, MHRS Fairview, 25 Years

 Connie works with our participants in a way that I would describe as gentle and authentic. It is clear that she has a person-centered approach to her work. She is often thinking about how to help other staff to feel appreciated; she never forgets the snacks for staff meeting, and goes out of her way to thank others for their efforts with cards and gifts. These gestures can't be underestimated, as they help others to feel seen and valued, which contributes enormously to individual and team satisfaction at work, and it points to Connie's big heart and thoughtful character. 

Twenty Year Stars


Ann Augustine

Director of Outpatient Services, 20 Years

 Ann has worked at ServiceNet since 1998 as a clinician, supervisor, Assistant Director, and now Director of Outpatient Services. Ann is a highly respected professional whose dedication to her work is evidenced by her passion for providing the best clinical treatment, collaborating with others, and finding creative ways to ensure our clients get the appropriate treatment. We are very grateful to Ann for her talents and strengths as a leader! Congratulations on 20 years! 


Betty Axelson

Employment Specialist, Vocational Services, 20 Years

 Betty has worked in Vocational Services at ServiceNet for 20 years. Over the two decades in her position, Betty has helped hundreds of individuals with disabilities find and/or maintain community-based integrated employment. The individuals who have worked with Betty comment on her dedication to her job and the empathy and passion she brings to their individual circumstances and to the job search process. Her supervisors comment on her self-driven, goal oriented work style. 


Sheila Bukowski

Counselor, MHRS Lower Road, 20 Years

 Sheila has worked in several programs and roles over the last 20 years. She has always been dependable and ready to take on extra coverage throughout the many changes. Thank you, Sheila, for all your hard work and support for co-workers and participants! 

Nageeb Elgadi

Director of Operations, DBIS, 20 Years

Passionate and dedicated are some of the words that quickly come to mind when describing Nageeb.  Well respected by his peers and those he supervises, Nageeb is often quick to lend a helping hand in a time of need.  Nageeb's leadership, and his team-based approach, is often on display and is nurtured throughout his team.  Here is to 20 more years, Congratulations Nageeb! 


Jean Ferris

Speech-Language Pathologist, REACH, 20 Years

 For 20 years, Jean has been a Speech-Language Pathologist with REACH.  She communicates caring and confidence with her calm and reflective style to all the parents of these toddlers struggling to master speech.  She is a wonder with small children, setting them at ease as she works to develop joyful language skills.  Parents are so grateful to hear their child’s first words, or even their first complete sentences, as they prepare for pre-school. 


Tom Gross

Director of Maintenance, Admin, 20 Years

Tom maintains ServiceNet’s properties with expertise and personal attention. He treats everyone—from the people in our programs, to staff, neighbors, subcontractors, and others—with dignity and respect. Never really ‘off duty,’ Tom is always willing to solve problems, whether installing an air conditioner, responding to basement flooding, or relocating a program. As a licensed contractor and expert carpenter, he also inspects all of our houses before we rent or purchase. Thank you, Tom!  



Ken Narkiewicz

Fleet Manager, Admin, 20 Years

Ken does fantastic work whether he's managing the agency's fleet of vehicles, which is his current role; or helping found our IT Department, for which he was originally hired.  He is thorough, prompt, knowledgeable, always available and willing to do whatever is needed to help others at ServiceNet get their work done.  Ken is a man of great integrity and ServiceNet is indeed fortunate to have had Ken with us for all these 20 years! 

Rita O’Brien

Berkshire Rep Payee, DBIS, 20 Years

Rita works with great autonomy! She single-handedly manages over 30 representative payee cases in the Berkshires.  This responsibility takes a particular finesse that only Rita possesses! In many cases, Rita is their only connection to services. Part social worker, part accountant, her rapport with these individuals is key—as many have no family to assist them, leaving Rita as their only advocate.  Thank you for everything you do Rita, and congratulations!

Fifteen Year Stars


Peter Bott

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 15 Years

Peter is a talented, hardworking, and committed clinician working in the Holyoke and Northampton outpatient clinics.  He has developed an expertise in working with clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities in individual, group, and family therapy.  Peter helps clients see their own strengths and will always go the extra mile for someone to advocate, attend a meeting, or collaborate.  His friendly demeanor and big heart make him a joy to work with.  Thank you, Peter, for your 15 years! 


Tara Boucher

Senior Director of Operations, DBIS, 15 Years

Wow, 15 years of helping to grow our ancillary contracts, taking in new services such as transportation only, Transitional Assistance, community supports, and our rapidly growing autism contracts.  All while continuing to manage outreach programs in 4 counties! Recently promoted to Sr. Director of operations, Tara now oversees all of our shared living contracts, too. She’s done all this with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone she encounters.  I can’t wait to see what the next 15 brings for you!

    Jose Desousa

Job Coach, Admin, 15 Years

Jose is a trustworthy and loyal member of the work crew. He is always there on time and gets his responsibilities accomplished.  Jose and his crew are always ready—they do what is asked, without hesitation—regardless of the task or time of day.  Jose is a great mentor for his crew—he is always teaching them the proper way to use and take care of our equipment.   His crew always takes on extra responsibilities and they always get the job done in a safe and timely manner, without complaint.  Jose is an important part of our work crews and could not be replaced.

Abrahim Elgadi

Recovery Counselor, MHRS, 15 Years

A good co-worker can be the difference between happiness and dread. But great staff, really great staff, those with amazing work ethic, dedication, patience, know-how, positivity, humor, energy, and a caring nature… that come around so rarely you want them to stay forever…good managers know that those staff are really the boss of you. This is Abe Elgadi. Abe’s very presence is a gift, and we are all better for knowing him. Thank you.

 Sarah Fuller

Team Leader, REACH, 15 Years

Sally Fuller is the REACH Franklin County/North Quabbin Team Leader and Developmental Specialist, providing guidance and support to over 25 clinical staff serving that broad geography.  Sally not only oversees the staff, providing supervision and direction, she also carries a caseload of 20 families.  For 15 years, Sally has been willing to go into the most difficult home situations and work with these challenging families.  Her bright smile and calm demeanor help make these families feel comfortable having a home visitor.

 Pamela Gobeille

Clinical Team Leader, MHRS, 15 Years

Pam’s ability to see and know her staff as individuals strengthens her team and empowers them to do their best. She has achieved a culture of professional pride and growth among her team by involving recovery counselors daily.  Pam values and enforces self-care, using team-building and validation as well as effective feedback to make the work meaningful. Her team has said, ‘She cheers on our successes and encourages us when we feel down.’ Creative, inspirational and able to solve problems, Pam is admired by staff at every level.

 Hilary Ince

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 15 Years

Hilary is a talented, thoughtful clinician who brings her years of experience to her work.  She approaches her work with a commitment to a high standard of care.  Our work can get so busy, our appreciation can go unsaid.  We are grateful to for your talents, your collaboration, and for you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Maxine Jimerson

Counselor, MHRS Lower Road, 15 Years

Beginning in emergency services and working her way through various residential programs, Maxine is “Phenomenal” and works beyond expectations. Smart, knowledgeable, and dependable, she always seems to know the right thing to do. She is an active listener and responsive to participants and colleagues.

 Leah Kuznik

Client Service Specialist, Outpatient Services, 15 Years

Leah is celebrating 15 years at ServiceNet, with the past 6 years in Outpatient Clinic in Greenfield. Her welcoming and cheerful greetings, compassionate and caring attitude, hard work, attention to detail and boisterous laugh are what clients and staff appreciate most about working with her. Thank you, Leah!

 Karen Laclair

Speech-Language Pathologist, REACH, 15 Years

Karen is a 15-year Speech Language Pathologist with REACH Early Intervention.  Karen has demonstrated excellent diagnostic and clinical skills in the area of speech/language development with infants and toddlers throughout Hampshire County.  Karen is a solid member of two REACH assessment teams, traveling to family homes to assess speech/language delays among children referred to REACH.  Karen’s straightforward style lends itself to keeping parents informed on the specific delays or challenges children have in the speech area.

Kim Mohlar

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 15 Years

Although Kim works part-time in the Greenfield clinic, her presence is felt by many.  She is an experienced clinician with expertise in treating high risk clients and is a helpful liaison to the local partial hospitalization program.  Kim, all of us in Greenfield extend our gratitude and congratulations for your 15 years of kind, competent care for those we serve.  Thank you!

 Collins Owusu

Counselor, DBIS Beaudoin, 15 Years

Collins is the consummate professional, and he continues to take his job very seriously. He is a staple at the Beaudoin program. Collins has shown dedication throughout his tenure at the program and is one of the residents’ favorites. Collins has been overnight staff and has a strong presence at the Beaudoin program.

Daniel Rockwell

Counselor, DBIS Pine Hill, 15 Years

I am happy to speak out on behalf of Daniel Rockwell on his 15-year anniversary at ServiceNet. Dan is not only a valued colleague, an excellent counselor, he is our in house decorator, landscape designer and all around do-it-yourselfer. It would not be Pine Hill without Dan’s humor, dedication and commitment to the ladies. We all look forward to continuing to work with him. Happy Anniversary Dan!

 Sandra Schoffstall

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 15 Years

Sandra brings her experience and commitment to high quality clinical work in all that she does—her work ethic speaks for itself!  Her work is thorough and thoughtful, and she is valued by her colleagues as a resource on ACT treatment.  Thank you, thank you Sandra for the competent care that you provide to your clients!

    Jenny Schreiber

Chief Financial Officer, Admin, 15 Years

ServiceNet has been lucky to have Jenny as our Chief Financial Officer for the past 15 years. With her keen intelligence, financial skills, and extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations, she expertly steers our fiscal ship and ensures that our fiscal house is in good order.

Jenny is passionate not only about numbers but also about our mission, and she works diligently alongside program staff to ensure that we are always responsive to our clients and to our funders. Staff who work with Jenny also appreciate her dry sense of humor.

 Eric Sheldon

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 15 Years

 Eric has worked at the Outpatient Clinic in Northampton for 15 years.  He brings years of experience and skills to support clients to better their lives.  His steady and consistent presence is noteworthy.  Despite being in the field so long, he continues to be open to learning.  We are grateful to have Eric on our clinical team.  Thank you for 15 years of service!


Emeka Unegbu

Counselor, DBIS Lawrence Plain, 15 Years

Emeka has been an invaluable addition to the Lawrence Plain team for the past 15 years. His kind tone and patient character exemplify what a Residential Counselor should be. Emeka's dedication to his job is incomparable. He is truly a professional and a pleasure to have on any team. 

Ten Year Stars


Olumide Adediran

Counselor, DBIS Beaudoin, 10 Years

Moses has been a longtime staple at the Beaudoin program. His easygoing demeanor and soft-spoken approach make for a perfect remedy at the program. Moses rarely misses work, and continues to show growth.  

Jean Altis

Counselor, DBIS Meadowview, 10 Years

Jean has been a great role model at Meadowview Road. Throughout the years, Jean has shown determination and has paved the way in showing our individuals how to remain positive. Some strengths for Jean would be his respectfulness, creativity, and dedication. This is why he is such a great asset to our team. Thank you for all of your hard work! 


Deborah Belkin

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 10 Years

Debi has worked at the Outpatient Clinic in Northampton for 10 years. In this time, she has helped countless clients. We appreciate all Debi's efforts and are glad to have her as part of our team!  Thank you, Debi! 


Randall Benoit

Network Administrator, Admin, 10 Years

As our Network Administrator, Randall is the core of the IT department—our jack of all trades.  A quote from Optimus Prime, “Neither impossible, nor impassable.” For Randy, nothing is impossible, and not a wall or an obstacle is impassable; where there is a way, he will find it and fix your IT needs. He has become an asset to our IT department with his many years of knowledge, dedication and responsibility. Randy, thank you for all you do! 


Elizabeth Bienz

Program Director, Franklin County Resource Center, 10 Years

One of the first impressions you have of Elizabeth is her compassion towards people. Every day, she is faced with the difficult task of working to help someone break the cycle of homelessness. That is no easy task.  Her respect and thoughtfulness for others is recognized by her peers.  


Vuthy Chhum

Forensic Coordinator, MHRS, 10 Years

Vuthy is our stellar clinician at the Hampshire County House of Correction, where he tirelessly meets with people in crisis.  He offers consultation to officers and treatment staff, runs groups, and oversees the medication clinic.  Vuthy is the quintessential team player—collaborative and friendly, with a touch of dry humor.  His positive outlook and low key approach are much appreciated by all. 


Nina Cianfrani

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 10 Years

Ms. Cianfrani started her career at ServiceNet as a CBFS case coordinator before joining the Outpatient Clinic. She has exceptional talent, intuition, and clinical judgment, as well as a delightful sense of humor. She has expertise in DBT, eating disorders, OCD, and trauma.  She has unwavering confidence that her clients can succeed.

 Barbara Craig

Counselor, Grove Street Shelter, 10 Years

Barb Craig is a dedicated employee who is always motivated to provide the best possible care to all our clients at the Grove Street Shelter. A woman of many talents! During a crisis is where she’s at her best, where her balanced perspective on what is best for the individual and the community offer equitable and compassionate solutions.

  Miriam El Ghorfi

Nurse, DBIS, 10 Years

Miriam has worked as a residential counselor in our programs for many years. We are pleased to currently have her as a nurse in our DBIS Nursing Division. Miriam provides quality nursing care to many residential sites. She is compassionate, dedicated, and eager to learn. We thank her for a decade of service, and look forward to many more years!

  Stanley English

Counselor, DBIS Outreach, 10 Years

Stanley has been working directly with Springfield area outreach for 3 years, and has been such a joy to work with. He works very well with our Outreach clients to help support their desire to live independently. He is always eager to help, and steps into new roles with ease. I look forward to another 10 years with Stanley! Congrats!

 Susan Fuller

Counselor, MHRS Bay Road, 10 Years

Susan is a dedicated Counselor who has followed Bay Road throughout its many transformations.  Her person-centered approach enables her to see the best in people.  Susan also has a sense of humor that will make staff and participants alike feel at ease, and that lifts spirits during times of stress.

  Amanda Gagne

Senior Counselor, DBIS Woodsley, 10 Years

Amanda is a valuable asset to the ServiceNet family. She is very knowledgeable and has become a wealth of knowledge to her peers. More importantly, Amanda takes the time to listen to her clients and has become a strong advocate for them. This is where her kindness and compassion really shine!

 Christy Gilardi

Employment Specialist, Berkshire Vocational Services, 10 Years

Christy started out in Berkshire Vocational Services as a job coach, and over the past two years she has taken on more responsibilities as an Employment Specialist.  Christy brings her great sense of organization and thoughtful advocacy to this position, helping individuals maintain meaningful employment. Her willingness to advocate and learn serves as a positive example for her team.

  Jeanne Goodell

Counselor, DBIS Third Street, 10 Years

Jeanne Goodell is a kindhearted caregiver. She serves the clients with respect and dignity. She is observant and does the little things that count. She shares innovative ideas with the team, and is resourceful. Her dedication at the Third Street Residential Program has made her an exemplary staff member.

 Patricia Huff

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 10 Years

Trish is kind, smart, and devoted to her clients.  She is a highly valued member of the ID Clinical Team in Hampshire County.  In consultation with others, she offers her insight and wisdom to team members.  Her excellent work is also highly valued by the Developmental Disability Services team, where she provides for their clients.  Thank you, Trish!

 John Jablonski

Site Manager, Our Friends’ House family shelter, 10 Years

John serves as Site Manager of Our Friends’ House, where he sets a positive tone for families and staff.  John is able to quickly develop relationships with the families.  These relationships are long lasting, with families keeping in touch with him long after they have left our services.  He is definitely an asset to the program.

 Yuki Kawaguchi

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 10 Years

As a clinician at the Outpatient Clinic in Northampton, Yuki has worked to support both individuals and couples.  Yuki's patience and compassionate care for clients is inspiring. We are grateful to have Yuki as part of our clinical team!

  Mamady Keita

Counselor, DBIS Leary, 10 Years

Mamady is one of the greatest staff members we have at Leary house—he’s a friendly worker, honest and dependable. He always has lovely conversations with fellow staff members and clients. Thank you, Mamady, for all your hard work. 

 Rebecca Loveman Pierce

Team Coordinator, MHRS, 10 Years

In addition to the experience, knowledge, and compassion Rebecca brings to her work, her sense of humor and candor are integral to her success in working with participants and staff. Rebecca is skilled at helping to foster a cohesive team atmosphere by being open, honest, funny, and by sharing knowledge and ideas in group environments as well as in one-on-one interactions.

 Virginia Maxwell

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 10 Years

Ginny has been an Outpatient Clinician for 10 years. She is a valued member of the Child & Family Team and the Assessment Team. Ginny's compassion for her work, her ability to connect with clients, and her great sense of humor are assets in the clinics. Ginny is also passionate about politics, which lends itself to many lively discussions!

 Kathleen McAuslin

Developmental Specialist, REACH, 10 Years

Kathleen is an excellent clinician with the REACH Early Intervention program.  She has become a strong member of assessment teams, and has taken on training staff in the use of our standardized assessment tool. Kathleen is well-respected for her attention to detail in her report-writing and in procedures.

 Ashley McGill

Clinician, Autism Services, 10 Years

Ashley is a crucial autism services team member—loved by children, respected and admired by co-workers, and appreciated by children’s parents. Ashley has genuine enthusiasm, passion, and commitment when working directly with young children, supporting co-workers, coaching and listening to parents, and training new staff.

 Jane McHale

Speech-Language Pathologist, REACH, 10 Years

Jane’s work with REACH Early Intervention as a Speech-Language Pathologist follows a long career in the school system. REACH is fortunate to gain her expertise in assessment and treatment.  Jane’s quiet and calm demeanor soothes parents who are worried that their children can’t speak or use language.  Her expertise quickly supports speech development in young people.

  Anne Mistivar

Nurse, DBIS, 10 Years

Anne is a valued part of our team, and has held multiple roles in our DBIS division, such as Nurse Supervisor and MAP educator. Anne currently helps manage around-the-clock quality care in our residential programs. We value Anne's professionalism and work ethic. We look forward to working with her here at Service Net for many years to come!

 Douglas O’Connell

Counselor, MHRS Amherst House, 10 Years

Doug has been a trusted ServiceNet counselor for 10 years, and has worked for most of this time at the Amherst House. For many years, he has done a combination of split overnight and day shifts in his weekly schedule. This goes above and beyond for personal sacrifice, and has been a tremendous help. He is known for his sense of humor.  He routinely can get participants to slow down and laugh.  Doug always encourages clients to be more involved with their physical health through exercise. His dedication to Amherst House and all of the participants he has served through his ServiceNet career is truly appreciated. We thank you Doug!

  Ashley Perkins

Site Manager, DBIS Clydesdale, 10 Years

Ashley firmly believes in the clients—she is determined to get the best out of those she serves. She is helpful and builds strong rapport.  Ashley has been promoted from Direct Care Staff to Site Manager. She is dynamic and creative in how to better serve the clients she cares for.

 Curtis Priestley

Support Staff, Orange Recovery House, 10 Years

I've been fortunate to witness all the good Curtis brings to the team at Orange Recovery House. More than anything else, he is genuine—fully bringing himself mentally, physically, and spiritually to every interaction he has.

  Reyginald Rabel

Director of Operations, DBIS, 10 Years

Reginald, better known as Reygi, has worked his way up to the position of Director of Operations.  Reygi works hard to support his Program Directors in their mission to serve our individuals, and does so with style.  Happy Anniversary Reygi!

  Jesslyn Rodney

Clinician, DBIS, 10 Years

Jesslyn is a valuable asset to DBIS as a program clinician. She possesses a superior ability to engage her clients and understand them at the human level. Her level-headedness and quiet confidence bring a calming and stabilizing presence to the teams that she is a part of.  

 Jack Tulloss

Clinical Case Manager, Shelter & Housing, 10 Years

Jack started out as a Director of Operations for DBIS, and then moved into a trainer role with the HR Department.  We are grateful he's now found his niche in Sheltering Services.  Jack is thoughtful and steadfast in his work with individuals, and is particularly dedicated in journeys with those facing serious and terminal illnesses.  His kindness and sense of humor are greatly appreciated.

Five Year Stars 

Maria Alban

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 5 Years

Maria is one of our hard-working clinicians in our Holyoke and Northampton clinics.  She has a big heart and is very committed to her work with clients.  Being bilingual, she provides necessary care for Spanish-speaking clients in our area.  Thank you for your hard work these past 5 years!

  Martinson Antwi Boasiako

Counselor, DBIS Poole Street, 5 Years

Martin has been a dedicated and reliable member of the Poole Street team. He is valued for his commitment and availability to the program.  Thank you, Martin, for all you do to continue success at the Poole Street program.

  Zoe Ayinbora

Program Director, DBIS Third Street & Respite, 5 Years

Zoe has been working as a Program Director for our Third Street and Respite programs since 2013. She is reliable, committed, and caring towards the individual whom she supports. Zoe gets along with all staff and with her supervisors. Not only does she give the best care, thought, and empathy while at work, she also cares when she is not at work. We all appreciate the work she does to manage two programs. She is simply a HARD WORKER, and demonstrates professionalism.

  Sumanta Basnet

Case Manager, DBIS Shared Living, 5 Years

 Sumanta is a valued member of our ServiceNet family. She is compassionate, driven, and organized in her approach. We appreciate her as someone who participants can count on, who lends a kind ear and reasonable solutions to any issue. She serves as an example of a truly valued case manager.

  Diane Bator

Counselor, DBIS Mountain View, 5 Years

Diane has been a huge asset at Mountain View. With many great strengths, one of the greatest is her ability to work with the individuals through their hardest days and help them reach their greatest potential. We are very lucky to have her on our team!

 Betina Bilodeau

Electronic Billing Specialist, Admin, 5 Years

Betina recently joined the Billing department after years of service at DBIS' Enrichment Center. In a short time, she has quickly learned all the ins-and-outs of the billing department.  She brings a positive attitude to work every day and always has a smile on her face.

 Dana Boudreau

Administrative Assistant, MHRS, 5 Years

Dana is a remarkable person with a deep core of human kindness. She balances administrative paperwork, scheduling, office maintenance, and essential interactions—with both staff and participants—with the grace and strength of Hedwig the Owl. We are all lucky to have her.

  Kenneth Boullt

Van Driver, DBIS, 5 Years

Ken is easy-going, and his gentle demeanor has allowed him to naturally bond with individuals who have a history of trauma. He is dependable and has been dedicated to safely transporting passengers in the Berkshires. Ken supports the programs whenever he is needed, and goes the extra mile to ensure the job is done well.

 Christie Bourque

HR Assistant, Admin, 5 Years

Christie is an integral part of the HR team. She is very organized, reliable, pleasant, and is willing to jump in whenever needed—with a positive attitude.  No task is too great or too small.  Christie is also the mother to Rudy, her beloved HR beta fish she keeps on her desk.  

 Kimberly Bourque

Occupational Therapist, REACH, 5 Years

Kim has been an Occupational Therapist with REACH for 5 years.  She brightens the office with her friendliness, and really connects with little children as she works on motor and sensory issues.  She is especially adept with kids’ fine motor skill development, and informing families about what to expect with their special needs child.

 David Brown

Counselor, Barton’s Crossing Shelter, 5 years

Dave is a dedicated employee who is very committed to the work of Barton's Crossing.  He truly cares about the residents, and spends time talking with and getting to know them in an effort to assist them out of homelessness.

  Kimberly Brown

Senior Counselor, DBIS Jacob Street, 5 Years

Kimberly is very respectable to her co-workers and the individuals she serves.  One of Kimberly’s strengths is that she is very thorough when it comes to her data collection and med administration. The ladies at Jacob Street love and respect her, as do her co-workers. Kimberly brings joy to the team.

 Joshua Cairns

Certified Peer Specialist, PREP program, 5 Years

Josh is an irreplaceable asset to the PREP program and in his many relationships. His work is so valued that he is in high demand and often requested for many prestigious projects, both inside and outside of PREP—including as a planning committee member and panelist for the International Early Intervention Convention in Boston, October 2018.

 Debra Call

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 5 Years

Debra is a hard-working and talented clinician at our Holyoke Clinic.  She sees a wide variety of clients, and has special strengths in working with complex children and family cases.  We are so grateful for all her hard work!

 Leslie Carlson

Recovery Counselor, MHRS East Main Street, 5 Years

Leslie has been working at the North Quabbin program as an in-house and outreach recovery counselor. She has perfected both of these roles and is a valuable member to our team. Thank you for your hard work, which is definitely appreciated. Congratulations, Leslie!!!

 Shawn Cassidy

Accounts Payable Specialist, Admin, 5 Years

You may know Shawn from having received an email from him, requesting authorization to pay an invoice.  Shawn, an Accounts Payable Specialist, is ready and willing to research anything you need.  He's detail oriented, and actually quite funny under that unassuming and quiet professional exterior.   

  Felicite Chomnou

Counselor, DBIS Whatley, 5 Years

Felicite's greatest strength is her dedication to her job. She advocates for the individuals we serve and has great ability to prioritize their needs while getting the job done. Felicite is a valuable employee for the Whately program, where she works well with her co-workers and supervisor.

 Eliza D’Agostino

Speech-Language Pathologist, REACH, 5 Years

Eliza came to REACH as Speech-Language Pathologist after a long career in the schools. She now brings her expertise to work on speaking and language development with infants and toddlers.  Parents love her kindly approach to working with these special needs children.

 Barbara Dyer

Employment Specialist, MHRS, 5 Years

Barb is kind, funny, and warm. A hard worker, she goes above and beyond for those she works with.  She appreciates people’s perspectives, always listening with full attention. Her laughter spreads joy. She has quietly pioneered her new role engaging hard-to-reach individuals in employment.

 Megan Frazier

Physical Therapist, REACH, 5 Years

Megan is an important member of the REACH Physical Therapy team, and she continues to train in pediatric physical therapy—gaining knowledge in a variety of sub-disciplines.  We are fortunate to have her expertise; and her gentle, wise presence is a great comfort to families of children with motor delays.

  Timothy Gonzalez

Program Director, DBIS Lawrence Plain, 5 Years

Tim is well respected by his peers and by the direct care team he works with.  His passion, dedication, and knowledge are evident on a day-to-day basis.  Willing to help in any way he can, Tim's value to the agency, and those we serve, is immeasurable.  Congrats, Tim.

 John Hayes

Director of Real Estate, Admin, 5 Years

John Hayes’s military background serves him well in rallying the troops to provide maintenance, landscaping and snow removal at many of our sites. Answering requests 24/7, John supervises our work crews and a team of maintenance workers and cleaners. He is truly a gracious man of many skills!

  Mike Imbale

Counselor, DBIS Jamrog, 5 Years

Mike has been a part of the Jamrog family for 5 years. Since recently finishing his nursing degree, he has taken on a relief staff role. We are fortunate to keep him with us, as he is dedicated to the men of Jamrog.

 Sarah Kiritsis

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 5 Years

In her work at the Outpatient Clinic in Northampton, Sarah has helped countless children and families.  Thank you, Sarah, for your care for clients over these years!

 Firas Kotaich

Job Coach, Work Crew, 5 Years

Firas is a very important part of our work crews. He is calm, level headed, and is always there to help out when things get difficult.  He works well with his crew, as well as other crews.  He is not afraid to get his hands dirty to get the job done.  He is very protective of our equipment, making sure everything in proper working order.  I can always count on Firas and his crew to get the job done with a “Yes, Boss.”

  Christopher Kuzmeskus

Senior Counselor, DBIS Central Park, 5 Years

Chris demonstrates the utmost dedication to the population we serve. He can always be counted on to assist our residents with whatever needs they may have. Chris is very caring and compassionate. He will always go above and beyond his job responsibilities.  He is a great team player and is a great role model for other employees. Chris is a great asset to the Central Park Program and we are all very lucky to have him.

  Yvonne Labarge

Senior Counselor, DBIS Maple Street, 5 Years

Yvonne was promoted to Senior Counselor, and has had a very positive impact on the program. She brings her excellent cooking skills, recipes, and nutritional knowledge to assist staff in preparing and growing healthy foods for our individuals. Yvonne is hard-working, dedicated, and goes above and beyond to provide the best care to the individuals at Maple Street.

 Jon Leab

Case Manager, Barton’s Crossing Shelter, 5 Years

Jon brings a variety of skills and experience to his job as a case manager at Barton's Crossing.  He is the member of the team who brings us back to the facts and serves as a bit of a historian with his ability to remember the events of the past.

 Derek LeBlanc

Housing Coordinator, MHRS, 5 Years

Derek’s experience with shelter and housing, as well as his ability to quickly troubleshoot issues, makes him an invaluable part of the team. He is friendly, funny, and often brings smiles to those around him. Always willing to help out with whatever comes up, Derek is a consummate team player.

 Chad Lively

Senior Job Coach, Prospect Meadow Farm, 5 Years

Chad brings a fun-loving and positive attitude to work each day. He is a great leader—organized and steadfast—and helps inspire his crew to continue to want to learn different building skills. We are grateful to have him on our team.

 Diane Loais

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 5 Years

Diane's enthusiasm, energy, and infectious laughter can always be counted on.  She is a kind and thoughtful colleague who works hard to support her clients, children and families.  Diane is always willing to pitch in, and we can count on her to bring the donuts on Saturday!

  Jaida Lyons

Counselor, DBIS White Oak, 5 Years

Jaida came to the White Oaks program when it had just opened. She has proven to be a strong and dependable staff member, who takes the time to listen. Her positive manner shines bright, and I am glad to have her as part of our team.

  Janice McLaurin

Site Manager, DBIS Ferry Hill, 5 Years

Janice has an infectious smile that lightens up any room. Her dedication to the individuals is amazing. She is warm, respectful, and approachable. The individuals absolutely love when she is at work, and are disappointed when she is not. She goes above and beyond to ensure that all aspects of her job responsibilities are completed on a daily basis.  

  Shawn Merriman

Nurse, DBIS Shared Living, 5 Years

Shawn is an integral part of our DBIS division. He currently plays an important role in our Enrichment Center and in Shared Living. Shawn is a knowledgeable, approachable, and compassionate nurse. We're very grateful for his service with us, and look forward to more years to come!  

 James Monahan

Counselor, Barton’s Crossing Shelter, 5 Years

James is a valued member of the Barton's Crossing Team.  He is very dependable, caring, and willing to go out of his way to make sure people’s needs are met.  James is the person who notices things that no one else does, and who brings them to his supervisor in order to avoid future crises.

 Lori Monahan George

Senior Job Coach, Prospect Meadow Farm, 5 Years

Lori provides excellent support to her crew, and has shown amazing dedication to her work by offering her flexibility whenever it’s needed. We appreciate all that Lori brings to Prospect Meadow Farm as a core member of our team. 

 Miguel Morales

Senior Job Coach, Prospect Meadow Farm, 5 Years

Miguel is an all-around great guy who has made excellent connections with his crew. He is dedicated, hard-working, and a pleasure to work with. We are lucky to have him as a part of the Prospect Meadow Farm team.

  Carolyn Murray

Outreach Counselor, MHRS, 5 Years

Carolyn is an invaluable member of the ACCS team. Her energy and enthusiasm for supporting and advocating for her clients never seems to run out. It is so clear that she pours her heart and soul into this work, which inspires others around her to do the same.

 Patrice Nda

Counselor, Our Friends’ House family shelter, 5 Years

Patrice has worked at both of our Shelters in Pittsfield, and currently works at Our Friends’ House family shelter.  Patrice is a very caring, respectful, and thoughtful individual.  He makes a positive difference in the families’ lives.

  Grace Richard-Morris

Program Director, Chicopee Enrichment Center, 5 Years

Grace has been a wonderful addition to the Enrichment Center. Her compassion and caring for the individuals we serve have made the Enrichment Center a better place for all. She is a strong leader and dedicated member of the staff.

 Orielle Rollinson

Outreach Counselor, MHRS, 5 Years

Orielle’s gentle, thoughtful, and empathic demeanor has been instrumental to the recovery of every individual she has worked with over the past five years. Her ability to develop authentic relationships with coworkers and participants makes her an indispensable member of the team.

 Arnetta Sandifer

Case Manager, Our Friends’ House family shelter, 5 Years

Arnetta started working as a Shelter Counselor, making great connections with the families.  When the job of Case Manager opened, she thought it would be an opportunity to continue to help the families and expand her own skills.  Each day, Arnetta improves her skills and her connections to the families to help them achieve their goals.

 Mark Sena

Autism Specialist, Autism Services, 5 Years

Mark is always willing to take on tasks and go above and beyond in his work. Compassionate and supportive of participants and staff, Mark took on a tough job after a beloved manager had to go on leave. He stepped up to take on responsibility for the Human Rights Committee.

 Mary Stanton

Clinician, Outpatient Services, 5 Years

In her work as a clinician at the Outpatient Clinic in Northampton, Mary has helped countless clients.  Her care and compassion for the people she works with is inspiring. Thank you, Mary!

 Laura Thompson

Housing Coordinator, MHRS, 5 Years

Laura is an amazingly effective team member, always quick to help out in any way she can. After many years assisting the team with Safety, in July 2018 she began working in Housing—bringing excitement and an eagerness to learn to this new role.
  Joel Torres

Director of Operations, DBIS, 5 Years

Joel is not afraid of a challenge!  He has established himself as a problem solver in the DBIS Division, running and overseeing DBIS Respite and eight other programs.  He leads his team by example, and has gained the respect of those he serves—our funders, and his staff.

 Amber Vega

House Manager, MHRS Chestnut, 5 Years

Since joining ServiceNet, Amber has consistently demonstrated her commitment to flexible, person-centered services. Amber has worked in many roles within ServiceNet's MHRS residential programs; in each, she has become known for her adaptability and commitment to the growth of everyone within the house, helping both staff and participants reach their goals. 

  Dylan Walker

Counselor, DBIS Williamsburg, 5 Years

 Dylan is an exemplary employee who goes above and beyond to ensure that the men receive the optimal amount of care while helping them maintain their dignity and autonomy.  Dylan is the consummate professional—he is punctual, does his work on time, and works cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors alike.  We are lucky to have him at Williamsburg!

  Sue Whitney

Physical Therapist, Chicopee Enrichment Center, 5 Years

Sue came out of retirement to join the team at the Enrichment Center as our physical therapist when the program first opened. She has proven to our participants that consistency and perseverance pay off. Sue has supported each participant on their individual rehabilitation journey.

 Attah Young

Counselor, Barton’s Crossing shelter, 5 Years

Attah has been a reliable member of the Barton's Crossing team.  He enjoys working here at ServiceNet so much that he has spread the word and brought many new staff into the program and agency.  We appreciate Attah's enthusiasm for assisting us with recruitment.

 Merideth Zide

House Manager, MHRS Prospect Street, 5 Years

Merideth is a deeply integral member of the Service Net ACCS team. Her enormous intellect, sharp clinical skills, and heartfelt commitment to the people she serves inspire all who are lucky enough to work with her. We are endlessly grateful to her for choosing to grace our program with her talents.