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Superstar Award Write-ups


(Nominated by Bruno Calouro, Vice President of Operations)

Daquon Archie, Vinnie Banks, Randy Benoit, David Bourdeau, Jose Desousa, Kyle Draper, David Gates, Tom Gross,  John Hayes, Noreen Hayes, Firas Kotaich, Jose Madiedo, Angel Martinez-Barretto, Israel Mercado, Amy Miller, David Morrow, Merilee Perez, Ruth Randall, James Saccento, Suzanne Smith, Corcoran Sullivan, and Abisola Williams.

This past year, ServiceNet went through several big administrative changes, including the rollout of our new Payroll and HR system—Datis (e3), and consolidating admin services at our new site on Village Hill. Everything happened at once—the end of construction; software training and changeover; and our move into the new building. It was a chaotic time for everyone, requiring us to take many deep breaths and exercise patience as best we could. Ultimately, we all got where we needed to go, thanks to the outstanding collaborative efforts of several departments and individuals whose dedication knows no bounds!



(Nominated by James Saccento, Evan White-Tolbert, Jenny Schreiber, and Joan LaRose)

With the e3 roll-out over the past year, I have continually seen Alissa and Megan working long hours to be make sure everybody is paid properly. Although the system is working out much better now, back in July it was a very stressful time for the payroll department and there were a lot of angry & disgruntled staff members that had not been paid properly. This was to no fault of the payroll department, but they handled it with finesse and always did what had to be done to correct the situation. I vividly remember one day this past summer where the lobby of the new building was crowded with staff who were picking up manual checks. I can't even imagine the stress of having that many individuals calling a department of merely two people, demanding that the situation be fixed as soon as possible. For a period of time, they would stay well past 5pm and come in on the weekends, as well. It takes a lot of time to get the 1,500+ employees of our agency paid, and I think we all can appreciate checking our bank account on Friday knowing that our pay is in good hands. Their commitment to getting the job done was nothing short of admirable, and I can't imagine a recipient more deserving than the payroll department.

JUSTIN CASCONE - Lead Case Manager, Orange Recovery Home

(Nominated by Jesse Sands, Director, Orange Recovery Home)

Just by chance, I happened to be present at another ServiceNet program when they were interviewing for Case Managers—and Justin Cascone had applied for the position. I was asked to be a part of the interview due to the absence of another supervisor.  After being a part of this interview, I had an overwhelming sense to pursue hiring Justin even though he didn't apply to my program. I asked the interviewing manager if she would oppose; she did not, and I eventually hired Justin as a Case Manager at the Orange Recovery House.

Since then, Justin has grown and developed in many ways. Professionally, he has kept an open mind about how care is delivered, and has been humble and teachable as he continues to seek education and training to become more effective at his job. Personally, Justin has shown growth by deciding to  advance in the field and eventually pursue a position that allows him to have a more profound impact on those receiving care. As a result of this growth, Justin was promoted to Lead Case Manager.

Justin continues to be one of the most caring, genuine, altruistic individuals I've ever known. He is motivated by the pure desire to do good in the world. He helps those around him in a way that seems effortless and graceful. Justin can also effectively connect with just about any person regardless of their circumstances, which is not always a skill that can be taught.

Orange Recovery House usually employs three full-time staff to deliver all case management services. Currently, and for several weeks, Justin has been picking up almost double the workload due to position vacancies. He has ensured that all residents receive the care they deserve, and he's gone to incredible lengths above and beyond his job duties to do so.

SABINE DIZDAREVIC - Counselor, DBIS Furrowtown

(Nominated by Michelle Santos, Program Director, DBIS Furrowtown)

 Sabine always takes initiative to help with individuals and program needs. She is always picking up shifts to help out last minute and she never complains, which we all know can be rather difficult. When you ask her for help she rises to the occasion every single time, and will then ask how else she can help out. This is her first direct care job but you wouldn't know it by watching her work. She started with the company in July 2018 and has since shown so much growth within this short time frame.

Sabine is a natural caregiver with pure intent and compassion, who is certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty. She was a little nervous at first, but quickly she became confident in her role and she takes initiative to help train the newcomers around her without hesitation. She is a quick learner and has true leader qualities. I'm certain that with a little more coaching and guidance, she will grow within the company quickly and excel at her job-related duties.

Sabine works well with co-workers, individuals, and management. She works hard to motivate others who work with her, and especially to motivate our individuals to participate in activities, as well as to work on their activities of daily living, with much success. Since joining ServiceNet, Sabine has become MAP certified, and she has also become a human rights officer and has trained several staff and individuals. 

Sabine is very communicative and makes great observations. She completes all job related tasks daily without skipping a beat, remains positive in the face of adversity when times get tough, and encourages others to do so, as well. Sabine goes above and beyond during every single shift she works. She's extremely reliable, dedicated, compassionate, and works with everyone to make a meaningful difference. We are very lucky to have such a genuine and dedicated staff member on our team!


PRINCESS ECKLES - Program Director, DBIS Chapin Street

(Nominated by Batika Garner, Program Director, DBIS Stebbins)

Princess is no stranger to hard work. She has gone above and beyond in her position and still remains to do so when presented with troubling situations. She is an inspiration, and I believe she is an amazing asset to this company.


PAUL MALONEY - Counselor, DBIS Coolidge

(Nominated by Samantha Berube, Counselor, DBIS Coolidge)

Paul has worked with clients for over 20 years. He has a way with them and is very good at what he does. He works hard, is honest, and trustworthy. He can make any client smile.


MICHAEL MENARD-WEIBEL - Assistant Director of Clinical Operations, DBIS

(Nominated by Zach Faas, Clinical Director of Operations, DBIS)

During Michael’s tenure at ServiceNet, he has consistently gone above and beyond what is required – visiting programs to provide clinical support, manage crises and conduct observations at all hours of the day and night; always making time to support his colleagues; and taking on far beyond what most of us would be able to manage. As a supervisor, Michael is top-notch, and is available for his supervisees around the clock. Most importantly, Michael is able to genuinely connect with his clients at the human level and he fundamentally understands their hopes, challenges, dreams, and fears. He strives for excellence in all that he does, and this is apparent to all of us who work with him. As a leader on our team, Michael continues to be an invaluable resource to our entire division.


KYLE STEWART - Case Manager, DBIS ASD Outreach

(Nominated by Tara Boucher, Senior Director of Operations, DBIS)

Kyle was promoted to case manager with the newly acquired contract of the Autism-only outreach program. Almost overnight, the program tripled in size! Not only was Kyle undaunted by this, he just flourished! He now manages over 18 complex individuals, and is revered and respected by the area office as well as by the parents of these individuals. Kyle is truly ServiceNet’s newest rising star!

THERESA ST. JAMES - Administrative Assistant, REACH

(Nominated by Kathy Boyle, EI, IS Coordinator, REACH)

At the end of December, the REACH program had a huge location change that resulted in splitting one office into two. The whole REACH staff, especially the admin staff, did an amazing job getting all the packing, organizing and unpacking done while creating a viable work environment in brand new locations. Theresa St. James, especially, stepped up and took control of the whole move. She organized the IT equipment, kept track of the tasks to be done by maintenance, and by coworkers who were working along with her, and she did an outstanding job of juggling it all with smiles, grace and perseverance. 

Along with most of the staff, I have truly benefited from Theresa's way of seeing the big picture and making the flow happen without too many bumps in the road. There was constant pressure, with all the electronics needing to have updates and changes made to accommodate the office split—or simply just not working correctly. Theresa was constantly handling phone calls and emails from co-workers in a panic because something was not accessible for all 70+ of the REACH employees.  The situation was just overwhelming, and again, Theresa took it all with a grain of salt and made it all come together. ServiceNet’s REACH program has a real asset in Theresa. She is a true Super Star!

ANN DUBOIS-TABB - Director of Operations, Outpatient Services

(Nominated by Karen Franklin, Vice President of Clinical Services)

Ann continually goes way above and beyond her job responsibilities to implement and support all of the programs and new innovations at the Outpatient Clinics. Her dedication, commitment, professionalism, and the many, many, hours she puts in to ensure that operations run smoothly and that everyone can work to the best of their ability, are truly admirable! She is definitely a Super Star and amazing to work with. She has a great sense of humor, too!

KARYN WEBB - Clinician, Outpatient Services

(Nominated by Elizabeth Anderson, Greenfield Clinic Director)

Karyn is an incredibly dedicated, reliable, and competent clinician who always comes through for so many of us.  She is a kind, knowledgeable, and hilarious presence in the Greenfield Clinic. The strong relationships she has with supervisors and colleagues help to support her work with clients, many of whom are experiencing significant risk.  Karyn, I cannot thank you enough for the work that you do every day—you play a crucial role in our clinic’s success.

CHRISTIAN BARNES - Counselor, MHRS East Main Street

(Nominated by William Flaherty, Senior Counselor, MHRS East Main Street)

This young man has shown exceptional compassion for every client he works with. Even with his own medical difficulties, he doesn't let this get him down. He is always willing to go the extra distance without complaint. I find it enjoyable to work with him any time. Christian is the best example of ServiceNet's finest.


FLORENCE FORTIER - Counselor, MHRS Amherst House

(Nominated by Abrahim Elgadi, Counselor, MHRS Amherst House)

Florence goes more than above and beyond when it comes to supporting our participants and her coworkers.


AMBER VEGA - House Manager, MHRS Chestnut

(Nominated by Anna Zamarron, Clinical Team Leader, MHRS)

Amber has shown growth and dedication during her five years at ServiceNet. She promotes participants’ strengths, and collaborates with individuals served, as well as with her coworkers, to support the mission of the agency and the recovery of the participants.

This past year, Amber assisted with the closure of Transitional Age Youth services, and she began working as a House Manager with the new MHRS contract: Adult Community Clinical Services. Amber was asked to take on multiple roles to support the division while she worked on opening a new young adult residence in Hampshire County.

Amber has demonstrated her commitment and adaptability by providing guidance and encouragement to many team members as well as by assisting with multiple programs. This included providing strong leadership and organization to a clinically intensive residence while hiring, putting information into a residential resource manual, training staff, and taking on any other tasks that were requested. She has now successfully opened the Chestnut Street program with positivity and enthusiasm that inspires team members and creates a culture of respect and inclusivity.

MATT MONTANARO - Assistant Director, Greenfield Family Inn

(Nominated by Fran Lemay & Jane Williams)

Matthew travels 50 minutes to work every day and will make it in no matter what the weather is. And he will always be on time. He is flexible and covers shifts that cannot be filled. Matthew can handle any crisis with ease and is able to remain calm even when the situation has significantly escalated. He goes above and beyond for the residents, and they have acknowledged this. He always writes things down, and if he is asked to do something, you know it will get done. Matthew has been involved with the Nurturing Fathers Program, and he is committed to helping fathers take on a more positive role in their children’s lives.

MAXINE ALICEA - Assistant Director, Prospect Meadow Farm

(Nominated by Nicole Rochefort, Clinical Director)

Maxine works well above and beyond her scheduled time here at the farm to keep everything running smoothly. She always thinks about how to acknowledge what other people are doing well and she tries to make things fun and enjoyable for staff and farmhands. She is thoughtful and, despite her many responsibilities, she makes time to listen and be a supportive team member.