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Jackie Doyle Receives the 2017 Judge Frank Freedman Community First Award

posted May 12, 2017, 7:39 AM by Andrew Drewnowski
Jacquelyn Doyle of Greenfield, who works for our Community Based Flexible Services (CBFS) Outreach program, has received the 2017 Judge Frank Freedman Community First Award. Congratulations Ms. Doyle!

Freedman, who died in 2003, was considered one of the most devoted justices of the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. His service in the court began in 1972, when he was appointed by Richard Nixon.

The judge was respected by his colleagues as a learned, conscientious man, devoted to the bench. He was also kind and compassionate.

One of his most memorable cases was Brewster v. Dukakis. He presided over the lawsuit heard in western Massachusetts to obtain community-based services for people with mental health challenges. The resulting decree asserted the right of individuals to receive care and services in the least restrictive setting appropriate to their needs.

Nominees for the award work collaboratively and respectfully with service recipients and co-workers. They are mindful of the humanity shared by those served and those serving, insure that people determine their own recovery path and more.

Doyle received the award because she  recognizes and values the strengths, needs, preferences, experiences and cultural backgrounds of those being served.  She advocates for people in recovery making sure they get all the services they need  including housing,  employment, education and community connection