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New Fundraising Policy

posted Apr 17, 2009, 6:10 AM by intranet Intranet   [ updated Apr 17, 2009, 6:17 AM ]
ServiceNet staff may not use company time or sites, copy machines or other equipment, paper or other supplies, the "announce" email or any other company email lists, or company mailboxes or bulletin boards, for promoting fundraising events for groups or organizations outside of ServiceNet.

Promoting events that are not fundraisers (e.g. concerts or plays that staff will be performing in) is allowed. In addition, selling/purchasing of personal items is allowed. However, we have set up a new, special, separate email list for non-work-related announcements of this nature (as long as they do not involve fundraising for causes outside of ServcieNet), in order to differentiate them from announcements that relate to ServiceNet business. The address for this non-work-related email list is community@servicenet.org. Every ServiceNet employee will be automatically signed up to receive these emails, and any staff person is permitted to post to this list; however, any staff who do not wish to receive these non-work-related emails may opt out of receiving them by sending a request for removal to listadmin@servicenet.org. See the previous post for more information.

Please direct any questions about this new fundraising policy to Wendy Payson or Medora Rogers.