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Provider's Council's "Broadcast Your Love" Photo Submission

posted Aug 29, 2018, 7:24 AM by Andrew Drewnowski
Our photo submission has been uploaded to Facebook.  Thank you to everyone who participated in creating our human heart and a very special thank you to Bruno Calouro for the use of his drone.  Without it, we couldn't have gotten this very cool photo!  We'll keep you updated.  The top three finalists will be voted upon at next month's convention and expo.  

"At the heart of ServiceNet are the skill, creativity, dedication and kindness of our staff. Standing together on the lawn of our new headquarters at Village Hill—the same hill where Northampton State Hospital once stood—we recognize all of our staff who have worked to transform and improve mental health care; to increase opportunities for individuals with developmental disability, autism, or brain injury; to provide shelter for people who are homeless, and support for those moving beyond addiction into recovery; and to help young children have the best possible start in life. In support of staff throughout the organization, ServiceNet is proud to be part of The Caring Force—a statewide group working to raise awareness of and respect for the valuable contributions direct service workers make every day across Massachusetts. #broadcastyourlove"