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ServiceNet Smoking Survey

posted Apr 12, 2011, 9:34 AM by James Saccento


As you know, ServiceNet is committed to improving the wellness of both program participants and staff.  Quitting or cutting back on tobacco use is an important step toward improved health.  We believe in providing support in this area because the impact on health and wellness is significant and will benefit employees both on the job and off the job.  Therefore we are reaching out to get a better sense of:


·         How many of our staff are current smokers.

·         How many smokers are interested in quitting smoking.

·         How ServiceNet can best support current smokers in their journey to be tobacco free.   

·         And how many staff have quit and had success with remaining smoke free.


Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey, whether you currently smoke, are a former smoker, or have never smoked.  This information will help us gear upcoming support opportunities to the wants and needs of our staff.


If you've conquered your smoking habit, congratulations!  Tell us what worked for you. And if you’re inspired to support someone else in their efforts to quit smoking, please be sure to give us your information at the end of the survey.


We appreciate your participation in this survey.





Thank you,


The Healthy Lifestyle Steering Committee