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Servicenet Systems Update: February 24, 2014

posted Feb 24, 2014, 2:12 PM by jappleby@servicenet.org   [ updated Feb 24, 2014, 5:24 PM ]
The data center that houses ServiceNet’s information systems had a sudden power loss on Sunday morning between 1 and 3AM. 

The battery backup did not cover the time until the backup generator came online, so our servers lost power, creating corruption in some of our systems. We were able to restore all systems and data from backups with the exception of some Outlook users’ email and calendar information from between Feb 9th and Feb 22nd due to the data corruption. We are in the process of restoring that corrupted data to affected users which may take a few more days. 

Exchange service was restored as of 2:45PM on Monday Feb 24th. ServiceNet Gmail accounts and eHana were unaffected. We are investigating any other unexpected effects and will continue to update the intranet with relevant information. Please contact us if you have any specific concerns, and in the meantime please be extra vigilant with checking your calendar appointments and time-sensitive email within that two week period.