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Sue's Blog

posted Aug 3, 2009, 8:45 AM by James Saccento   [ updated Aug 3, 2009, 8:49 AM ]


Welcome to my new blog!

July 23rd, 2009

As CEO of ServiceNet, I often receive emails from staff asking me questions: about new programs, future plans/changes, existing policies—you name it. People also email me their opinions on a variety of ServiceNet matters. In addition, because of my open door policy, staff often drop by to share their thoughts and ideas about anything and everything. These conversations tend to be one-on-one, back-and-forth exchanges, between one staff person and me.

It has occurred to me that other staff might be interested in participating in, or at least “listening in on,” these many conversations that happen on a regular basis.

Hence, this Blog, where I will be writing about ServiceNet changes, happenings, news; and sometimes, ideas for new programs, or new ways of doing what we already do. I welcome staffs’ comments, and I invite staff to contribute ideas as well. I’m hoping that some of our one-to-one dialogues will be transformed into broad conversations with more participants contributing their thoughts and opinions, interacting together through this blog.

Before we begin, a few ground-rules:

  1. We will not discuss specific client situations, for reasons of confidentiality.
  2. All communication will be polite and respectful, even where people may disagree on an idea or topic. In other words, personal attacks won’t be allowed!
  3. We won’t use this blog to discuss personal staff matters such as your own discipline, or the behavior of your supervisor or a fellow staff member. There are other appropriate avenues for resolving individual personnel issues or complaints!

This is a moderated forum; therefore comments will be screened before being posted in order to ensure that feedback complies with the ground rules and is appropriate for our quasi-public work environment.  To read or leave a comment, click on the Comments button below.



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