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Update on Datis, our new HR Software

posted May 31, 2018, 5:31 AM by James Saccento   [ updated May 31, 2018, 5:35 AM ]

Please check back here frequently for more Datis information and training materials.  

Dear ServiceNet Staff,

Here are the following dates and some information for the rollout of our new HR, payroll, and timesheet software (Datis).

June 8
th: All employees will be able to sign into Datis. The link will be available on home.servicenet.org. Managers have been attending in-person trainings and video trainings will be available for you on home.servicenet.org early next week.

Printed instructions will begin to be posted next to your punch in/out devices shortly.

  • On June 8th you will receive an email asking you to login and verify your information.
  • If you find a discrepancy in the information in your HR record, please reach out to DatisRecords@servicenet.org

June 16th: All employees will begin entering their time and attendance in the new system. Several emails will go out with instructions for how to enter your time in advance of this date.

As noted in Sue’s email from last month, hourly staff will be using the punch in/out devices to enter their time and salaried staff will be using a new electronic timesheet system. Our IT staff is committed to providing phone support for users experiencing issues with the new system. If you reach voicemail, please ensure you leave a message so that your call can be returned quickly.


We are very pleased with our partnership with Datis, our new HR Software provider. They are committed to working with us to ensure a smooth transition to this new, more efficient system.

 As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

 Thank you,

Bruno Calouro

Sr. Vice President of Operations
ServiceNet, Inc.
131 King Street
Northampton MA  01060