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Where’s Judy?

posted May 24, 2018, 10:33 AM by Ruth Randall   [ updated Aug 3, 2018, 7:38 AM by Andrew Drewnowski ]

Next time you’re heading over to the Administrative Offices at 131 King Street, please enter through the side door toward the back of the building. The offices that had been located in the Admin hallway are all being freshened up for the Innovative Care Partners group, which will be moving in in early June.

In late June, the Admin group will relocate to the new office building on Hospital Hill. Until then:  

·       Sue Stubbs, Suzanne Smith, and Anita McConnell are based in the Information Technologies (IT) office

·       Jim Frutkin is located at 50 Pleasant Street

·       Seth Dunn is in the upstairs Quality/Research/Compliance office at 131 King

·       Amy Swisher, Anne White, Andrew Drewnowski, and Bill Benson are in with Information Systems (IS) team, behind the IT offices

·       John Szczesny is working out of office space at the Florence Inn

·       John Hayes is in the former Fit Together space at the Nonotuck building

·       And Judy Casey is in the first office on the right, as you come down the IT corridor