Life Insurance

ServiceNet provides each employee with life insurance in an amount equal to the employee's annual salary. This benefit is available on the first of the month following 90 days after date of hire.

                                              Be sure that your beneficiary information is accurate and up to date! Complete the Beneficiary Election Form below

UNUM Beneficiary Enrollment Form – Complete this form to update your beneficiary election.

Eligible ServiceNet employees are provided with Group Term Life Insurance, equal to their annual salary, to the nearest $1000.00. This benefit is paid entirely by ServiceNet, however employees working 20 hours or more a week may also purchase additional "voluntary" insurance. Premiums for voluntary insurance are the responsibility of the employee and will be paid through payroll deduction.

Procedures for Changing or Enrolling in voluntary Life Insurance 

What does the Re- Enrollment period mean for employees currently enrolled in the plan?

Re- enrollment is the time when employees currently enrolled in the plan can increase their coverage up to the Guarantee Issue Amount as outlined in the benefits schedule of the contract without providing medical evidence. 

If an employee would like to increase (or decrease) coverage amounts for themselves, their spouse and or their children during the Re-enrollment period, a new enrollment for must be completed. In such instances, the new enrollment form should reflect the coverage amounts for each insured - employee, spouse, children - even if the coverage amount changes for only one insured (such as increasing employee coverage but keeping coverage for an employee's spouse and or children the same as in previous year). The coverage amounts indicated will replace all prior coverage amounts on file with Unum. Any coverage amounts left blank will result in a coverage amount of $0. If requesting an increase in coverage, and the new coverage amount requested is over the Guarantee Issue amount, a completed Evidence of Insurability form must be submitted.

If existing coverage amounts are unsatisfactory, a new enrollment form is not required - all prior coverage amounts on file with Unum will be in effect.

What does the Re- Enrollment period mean for employees NOT currently enrolled in the plan?

Re- Enrollment is also the time when employees who have not previously enrolled in the plan can apply for coverage by submitting an enrollment form and Evidence of Insurability form. All amounts of coverage requested will be medically underwritten.

Evidence of Insurability forms: 

Employees who are required to submit Evidence of Insurability forms should complete it carefully ensuring all applicable sections are filled in. Incomplete forms will be returned to the employees home address (if available) or through the employer (sealed in an envelope addressed to the employee and marked Personal and Confidential).

When must enrollment forms be signed and completed?

All employees requesting coverage must sign their enrollment forms between 6/1/2010 and 7/15/2010.

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Employee Benefits Manager


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Phone: 413-582-3768

Fax: 413-582-5656

When will ccoverage become effective?

Coverage becomes effective on 8/1/2010, the plan anniversary, for employees requesting amounts at or below the Guarantee Issue Amount. Any amounts that require medical underwriting will become effective on the first day of the month coincident with or next following the date we have approved the Evidence of Insurability form.

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