Agency Vehicles




For programs that have motor vehicles owned by ServiceNet, the following policies and procedures apply:

Monthly Vehicle Logs

A log must be kept for each vehicle that documents time, operator, agency purpose, and mileage each time the vehicle is used. (See sample following this section.) The purpose of the log is to create a record of the appropriate programmatic use of the vehicle, as well as documenting which staff person was driving it at any given time. The completed Motor Vehicle Logs must be submitted to the Fiscal Department on a monthly basis. Blank forms can be obtained from the Fiscal Department.

Motor Vehicle Policy

Monthly Vehicle Report

AMI Maintenance Program

Garage Instructions

Approved Vendors for AMI Car Maintenance Program

Additional Information

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The agency carries appropriate liability and comprehensive insurance on all its owned vehicles. If a staff person is in an accident while driving an agency-owned vehicle s/he should immediately (within 24-hours) notify the Business Manager, so that our insurance company can be notified. In addition, the following form(s) must be completed and submitted to the Business Manager as soon as possible following the accident:

1) Automobile Loss Notice (completed sample form): This is the form required for reporting the accident to our insurance carrier, and must be completed for all accidents.

2) Commonwealth of Massachusetts Operator's Report of Motor Vehicle Accident: This form is only required if there are damages (to either vehicle involved) estimated to be greater than $1,000, or if someone is injured.

REMINDER: If someone is injured in the accident, you may also need to file either a Workers' Compensation report (if a staff person was injured) or an Incident Report (if a client was injured).

Volunteers are not covered by agency motor vehicle insurance and should not be driving agency-owned vehicles.


There are no specific reporting requirements related to employees driving their personal automobiles for agency business. Employees will be reimbursed for mileage at the currently-allowed rate upon submitting a properly completed and approved Travel Reimbursement Form with their Payroll Time Sheet.

Agency motor vehicle insurance does not cover staff driving their own automobiles while on company business. Such insurance coverage is not available because the agency does not have an "insurable interest" in vehicles it does not own. If an employee is in an accident while driving her/his own vehicle, any damages would have to be covered by her/his personal automobile insurance.

ServiceNet makes an exception, and "self-insures" for damages to a staff automobile under the following circumstances: If damage is caused to an employee's personal automobile as a result of client action, either because a client directly damaged the automobile or was the cause of an accident, ServiceNet will reimburse the employee, from agency funds, any costs not covered by the employee's insurance (e.g. a deductible on collision insurance).

As is the case with accidents involving agency-owned vehicles, a Workers' Compensation Form or Incident Report may need to be completed if there is personal injury.


Parking Tickets are not reimbursable, regardless of whether an agency-owned car or a staff car was used at the time the parking ticket was incurred. The cost of any parking ticket incurred on an agency-owned vehicle will be charged to the employee to whom the car was signed out at the time the ticket was issued.

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