Q. Who is AMI and what are they doing for ServiceNet?

AMI Leasing is a professional vehicle management company. Besides leasing, they also manage the

maintenance on our fleet of vehicles. When you need to take your vehicle in to the shop, think of AMI as your purchasing agent. AMI has given you a coupon book of pre-approved purchase orders to have general preventative maintenance done on your vehicle. For anything over and above the work stated on the coupon, AMI needs to issue a purchase order to your garage to have the work done. The garage will submit the invoice to AMI, and then AMI will send us one monthly invoice that covers all of the vehicles.

Q. Does AMI offer roadside assistance?

Yes, however, there may be instances where it is not necessary. See examples below.

If you have a flat tire in your parking lot and you or someone from the program can change the tire, then there is no need to call AMI. Or if your local garage is nearby and can change it. If the local garage does fix it, have them call AMI first so that they can issue a purchase order for the work being done.

If you have a flat tire or a breakdown in an area that you are unfamiliar with and you can't change the tire, call AMI and they will contact a local garage to change the tire, or in the case of a breakdown, tow the vehicle. If you are not sure what to do, you can always call AMI and they will advise you.

Q. I took the vehicle in for a coupon repair (oil change & tire rotation) and the mechanic told me that I needed to have the shocks replaced. What do I do?

The garage must call AMI before any work can be done that is over and above what is stated on the coupon. AMI will authorize the repair and issue a purchase order to the garage.

Q. I have 1 coupon left in my book, or I have lost my book, what do I do?

Call Jen in the Fiscal Department with the current odometer reading, and she will order a new coupon book for the vehicle. It generally takes about 2 weeks to replace.

Q. I think that something might be wrong with the vehicle but I'm not sure. What do I do?

Call AMI and explain your concerns. They will advise you on whether to take the vehicle to the shop or not.

Q. What do I do if I get in an accident with a ServiceNet vehicle?

All accidents involving a ServiceNet vehicle must be reported to Jen or Cynthia in the ServiceNet Fiscal Department within 24 hours. Send the original accident report along with the police report (if applicable) to Jen in the Fiscal Department within 24 hours of the accident. The above applies to both ServiceNet vehicles and AMI leased vehicles.

Q. I need to have bodywork done on the vehicle, what do I do?

AMI does not handle body work or accident repairs and does not issue purchase orders for these repairs. Have your local garage send the invoice directly to ServiceNet.

Q. The windshield needs to be replaced in the vehicle, what do I do?

Our insurance policy covers glass on our vehicles. You do not need to contact AMI for glass replacement; however, you do need to contact Jen in the Fiscal Department BEFORE having the glass replaced. Jen will contact the insurance company for an approval to have the glass replaced and they will let us know where to have the glass replaced. Once you have had, the glass replaced, give the glass shop the address below to send the invoice. The garage sends the invoice directly to our insurance company and not to ServiceNet.

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