ServiceNet, Inc. Vehicle Maintenance Program

Who is AMI (Auto Rental Corp) Leasing and what do they do for ServiceNet?

AMI Leasing is a professional vehicle management company. Besides leasing vehicles, they also manage the maintenance on our fleet. AMI monitors what garages are charging us for repairs. When a garage calls AMI for an approval, AMI compares the garage estimate to industry standards to make sure that we are paying a fair price for the work that is being done. The comparison involves part cost, labor rate, and also the estimated time to repair. Once the comparison is made, AMI then notifies Jen Dodge (ServiceNet Business Manager) as to whether we should move forward with the work or whether we should get another estimate. This is just one very valuable tool that AMI provides for us.

Garage Approvals:

Your garage must be pre-approved in order to work on ServiceNet vehicles. Please call the phone number below to set up the account.

AMI Leasing

(800) 468-9993 extensions 3357 or 3328

Vehicle needs work.

When we need to take our vehicles in to a shop, think of AMI as our purchasing agent. AMI has given us coupon books of pre-approved purchase orders to use for general preventative maintenance such as tune-ups, oil changes, and tire rotations. For any work over and above the work stated on the coupon, AMI has to issue a purchase order number to your garage to have the additional work done. Use the phone number above for requesting purchase order numbers from AMI.


Another valuable tool that AMI provides for us is one monthly invoice for all of the garage work that is performed on our entire fleet of vehicles. AMI records all repairs in our maintenance logs and sends us monthly reports

NOTE: A receipt must be provided to the driver each time a service is performed. ALL RECEIPTS AND INVOICES MUST REFLECT THE AMI PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER EITHER FROM THE COUPON OR THE PO NUMBER ISSUED DIRECTLY FROM AMI. Invoices not referencing an AMI Leasing purchase order number will NOT be processed or paid. All invoices are to be submitted directly to AMI Leasing (Auto Rental Corp) on ServiceNets behalf. Because ServiceNet is a nonprofit organization and tax exempt, please do not add tax to the invoice. If taxes are mistakenly invoiced to AMI, you will be asked to credit ServiceNet for the total tax amount.


ServiceNet Contact: Jennifer Dodge (413) 585-1316