Residential clients, and in some programs Shelter Guests, are required to pay a fee towards the services provided to them, based on a percentage of their monthly income. The appropriate fee amount is determined by the Program Director in consultation with the Division Manager.

The Program Director is responsible for collecting the monthly fee from the client and submitting it to the receptionist in the Administrative Office. When the Program Director collects the fee from the client, s/he prepares a receipt in triplicate: the original is given to the client as evidence that s/he has paid the fee; one copy is submitted to the Administrative Office with the payment; the third copy remains in the receipt book which the Program Director maintains.

In instances where the client has been determined to be unable to manage his/her own money and has a Representative Payee, that individual pays the client fee by submitting a check to the Administrative Office. The receptionist who is responsible for logging in funds received prepares a receipt for the Rep Payee for his/her records.

When fees are received in the Administrative Office, they are logged in by the receptionist on a daily cash receipts listing, with an indication of the client and program from which they were received. The listing, duplicate receipts, and cash and/or checks are given to the Fiscal Department for deposit into the corporate bank account. The cash receipts listing is coded with the account number of the program(s) from which the fees were received so that they will be properly credited to those programs' income and offset against the related operating expenses of the programs.

To assist Program Directors in monitoring client payment of fees, the Fiscal Department will prepare a report on a monthly basis showing the amount of fees collected from each client.