1. General

There are certain individuals who do work for the agency on an as-needed basis (primarily clinicians and other professionals, and individuals who do cleaning), and who are paid as independent contractors or "fee-for-service". These individuals are paid through the Accounts Payable system (with other agency vendors) not through the payroll. The process for contracting with and paying these individuals is outlined below.

There are separate mail boxes in both the Fiscal Department and the Administrative Office (at 129 King Street) for Contracted Services forms. Contracted Services/Fee-for-Service forms should be put in those boxes to be paid, or can be submitted to the Fiscal Department with other bills to be paid. Do not submit Contracted Services/Fee-for-Service Reimbursement forms with Payroll Time Sheets. Since they are paid through a completely different process, by a different department (Accounts Payable), mixing these forms in with payroll documents may delay payment.

An individual cannot legally be paid as an employee and an independent contractor during the same time period. If a regular employee is doing additional hours of work (even in a different position) for the agency, s/he should complete a Relief Time Sheet for those hours and submit it with regular payroll time sheets.

The determination of whether an individual can/should be paid as and independent contractor versus a part-time or temporary employee is a very complex one involving several sets of regulations and should not be made by program staff. Before an individual can be contracted with as an independent contract, 

a. Fee for Service Questionnaire

b. must be completed and reviewed/approved by the Chief Financial Office, to make sure that the individual qualifies to be paid in this manner.

2. Contracting and Payment Procedures

A. Independent Contractor Agreement 

When a decision has been made to contract with an individual to do work on a fee-for-service or contracted service basis, the Program Director must work with the individual to complete and Independent Contractor Agreement. All relevant information must be entered on the form, and it must be signed by both the ServiceNet employee (who must be a member of management) and the independent contractor and accompanied by a copy of the individual's resume.

All individuals must provide a permanent mailing address and social security number on the Agreement. If the individual is being engaged for clinical work requiring a license, the sections on Professional License Information and Professional Liability Insurance must also be completed, and copies of the person's professional license and evidence of professional liability insurance must be attached to the Agreement.

In addition to the Agreement, the independent contractor must complete and sign a federal W-9 form. If the individual is going to be working with clients, s/he must also complete a CORI check form.

When the Agreement and all other required documents are completed and signed they should be submitted to the Human Resources Department.

B. Payment of Contracted Services/Fee-for-Service

In order to be paid, the independent contractor must submit a Reimbursement Form. There are two versions of this form:

1) Reimbursement for Fee-for-Service Clinical Services

This is the form to be used by individuals providing clinical services (e.g. therapists, nurses, psychiatrists). The completed form must indicate the individual's license type, as well as billing information.

2) Reimbursement for Consultants/Contracted Services

This form is used for other types of independent contractors or consultants, such as training consultants or individuals doing cleaning or maintenance work.

As an alternative, a professional consultant (such as a trainer or attorney) my submit a bill on his/her own professional letterhead or billing forms.

Both types of forms must be signed by the Program Director before being submitted to the Fiscal Department for payment.

Examples of the two types of forms are given at the end of this section.

The payment schedule for fee-for-services and contracted services reimbursement forms is the same as the employee payroll schedule. Completed, signed, approved Reimbursement Forms are due in the Fiscal Department by noon on Friday (the pay-period ending date) to be paid the following Friday. Payments are issued biweekly, on the same day as employee paychecks. Unless other instructions are given to the Accounts Payable staff, fee-for-service checks will be mailed to the address listed on the Independent Contractor's Agreement.