State Contracts

 State Contract Reporting/Census Reports

Most of ServiceNet's programs receive some or all of their funding from state (or federal) contracts. In order receive payment on these contracts, the Fiscal Department must submit monthly vouchers to the state documenting the services that have been provided under the contracts.

This section will not review in detail the reporting required by the program (s) because it varies from program to program depending on the type of contract, the payor, and the nature of the service provided. However, it is the responsibility of the Program Director to familiarize her/himself with these reporting requirements and to ensure that the properly completed forms are submitted to the Fiscal Department each month.

All census forms and other reports related to monthly state contract vouchers must be submitted to the Fiscal Department by the 5th of the month for the previous month's billing. Any questions regarding what is required should be directed to the Budget and Contracts Manager.